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Our International Jumping cover in Mantes la Jolie

The horses jumping competition involves the best horses of the season.

Internal Jumping is horses competion of best horses performing their best jump in the beautiful valley of Mantes La Jolie near the Seine with an absolutely awsome view of Notre Dame.


A lady performing her jump

Horse is a woman's best friend

The competition involves men and women of any ages. Horse riding is a great sport that can be done at any age. You have to be the horse's friend itherwise is hard to make him do hat you want. It's not easy to perform those high jumps especially when there are lot of people noisy, looking, and everything. The riders and the horses have to find their way to get motivated and concentrated and focused. It's lot of fun, there are funny moments as well as bad moment including horses disobedience and falls.


Another lady is mastering her horse.

She is taking control.

Check out some other best moments of the jumping competition including when Mantes la Jolie gave the medals to the winners at the end of the competition.

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